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Welcome to my journey!

Hello & Welcome to my Journey! My name is Jamal Carr. I'm a dedicated Husband and proud Father of Two amazing children. Thank you for your interest and support in our cause. You're about to learn about some of the experiences that I've gone through over the past year, and the AMAZING heart and kidney transplant surgeries that have afforded me a second opportunity at LIFE.

My family and I invite you to learn more about our JOURNEY and ways in which you can support. Please, take a moment to sign our guest registry so that we can keep you informed of our progress. All financial donations are being fielded through the National Foundation for Transplants, Inc. (NFT), a non-profit fundraising organization committed to supporting those in need of organ transplants.

Partner with us on our Journey of Triumph. Share in our gratitude and witness the power of Transformation through Transplant.

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Welcome to the NEXT Level!

For those who I've not had the pleasure of meeting personally - I'm Jamal Carr. The last 8 months have been a total rollercoaster. However, I'm grateful things are changing for the better. In 2018, I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure after suffering from other health related challenges. I never would've imagined this diagnosis would have such a life altering impact on my family and me.

Prior to my diagnosis and the decline of my health, life was extremely different. You could always find me spending quality time with my AMAZING family! Some of my most memorable experiences included practicing Tae-Kwon-Do with Imani, conducting science experiments with Maliah, and recreating my favorite dishes with my wife, Venecia. On Sundays, you could catch me and my family cheering for my Buffalo Bills as they light up the scoreboard.

Professionally, I dedicated over 25 years of my life serving youth and communities in various capacities. My most recent experience was working with Communities In Schools of Wake County as a success coach and program support specialist. Seeing students grow and achieve their goals was my source of motivation and joy.

In December 2022, my health significantly declined as I entered the final stages of heart failure. My heart was no longer capable of supporting my daily routine, so much so, that I had to abruptly stop working and be hospitalized within a matter of days. It was then that I learned of my URGENT need for a heart and kidney transplant surgery.

While in the Cardiac ICU at UNC Hospital, my health continued to decline. I then went through several heart surgeries to prolong my life until a suitable donor heart became available. Shortly thereafter, I was also diagnosed with renal failure. This new diagnosis caused me to be in need of both a heart and kidney transplant. After waiting for what felt like an eternity - with my wife and family by my side, I was blessed to receive the heart and kidney transplants so desperately needed.

I'm BEYOND grateful to be here today! The transplants have truly afforded me another opportunity at life. To be a STRONGER Husband, the BEST Dad and all that God would have me to be in this season. I'm still AMAZED at the capabilities of modern medicine and the teams of surgeons, doctors, and nurses who worked extensively with me. However, the cost of CARE can be overwhelming, and it is not always covered by insurance. Currently, we're experiencing significant financial strain and hardship due to the costs associated with my transplant(s), hospitalizations, rehabilitation, and ongoing medical needs.

I'm asking you to donate to my National Foundation for Transplants (NFT) Page today. Your contribution will go directly towards helping me, Jamal Carr, pay for the medical expenses associated with my transplant surgeries. In addition, it will also help alleviate the extreme financial burden that my family is currently under. The past two years have been beyond stressful for our family - helping to remove the financial weight would be another miracle.

Your donation, no matter the size, will make a huge difference in my family's life. While the HEAVY lifting has been done, the Journey to recovery still awaits, and will require a lot of me and my family. Through your kindness and generosity, we will be able to manage the financial Goliath we're facing.

On behalf of my wife and wonderful daughters, we thank you in advance for your partnership. Just knowing that you've stopped to VIEW or SHARE my story means the world to our family. Your support and encouragement has given me the STRENGTH on my journey from Transplant to Triumph!

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